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Rory Thacker, Chief Love Officer

Welcome to our Frenchie Family!

My name is Rory Thacker, and I’m a hobby breeder in Dallas, Texas. As an all-around animal lover and advocate for pet nutrition and health, my pups are my family. I spend a great deal of time focusing on their diet.  They’re all fed a bones and raw food diet. I grind my pack’s meals of turkey, beef, and chicken once or twice a month, from deals I pick up at my local grocery or butcher shop. It’s cheaper than feeding a quality kibble, and much more nutritious for your pup.

If you’re interested in learning more about my canine feeding program and related research, please send me a message. Nutrition is fundamental to the enrichment of our pets' lives. So, I love to hear what others are doing out there to improve their fur babies’ well-being.  

Available Puppies

Gigi is my main girl. She’s my constant shadow and companion, and is the most loyal and faithful of Frenchies. She loves to cuddle and is obedient. G loves to go on a jog or good walk, and currently weighs in at 26 pounds.

Chewy is owned by my friend Aaron at Texas Elite Frenchies. He’s a hunky and muscular 21 pounds, and a playful boy. Chewy has a clean bite, perfect ears, tight paws, and great bone structure.


These two recently had five adorable puppies, which are now available. I want to see them go to the most caring homes. So, If you find yourself interested in one I’ll have questions about your lifestyle and what you plan to feed your pup. I understand that a raw diet isn’t for everyone and I respect that. I just want to help you avoid some pitfalls with kibble. 

Our puppies are fully vetted and microchipped. Please let me know if you have any questions about these beautiful babies. I love local paw-rents, but flight nannies are available to those out of state. I’m also available to meet you at either of our two  international airports here in DFW.


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Tel: 214.399.3129 • Email: rorythacker@sbcglobal.net